Wednesday, October 28, 2009


While I was at the beach I watched a movie called Partition. This movie really took me by surprise, because I was expecting more of a bloody war movie and what I got was a tragic Indian love story that bore striking resemblance to the fairy-tale Beauty and the Beast. (Which was a favourite of mine, growing up.) The costumes were lovely, the acting good, and overall it was an interesting movie. It doesn't delve deeply into the history, but it did teach me a little and piqued my interest! Which is really all I ask from period dramas, otherwise they would be dry and boring. ;) I really liked this movie.

One lonely, but lovely CdV

Such pretty trim!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I <3 Folk Music!

Folk is definitely one of my favourite genres of music. I'm always delighted when I find a talented artist that I haven't listened to before. A friend of mine posted a song of Kate Rusby's and I was sold! Her use of traditional instruments and traditional songs, combined with her lovely voice, make her music unique and beautiful.

You can listen to a lot of her songs on YouTube. Here's a link to a whole bunch of them.