Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Fun Find

I recently stumbled upon this gem in a local antique/thrift store. She was hiding demurely behind a couch, but I spotted her first thing and fell instantly in love. At first I assumed that it was an engraving, but upon closer inspection I now believe it to be an actual sketch! Here is a (rather bad) picture of the corner. You can just barely see traced lines around the edges of the whole picture.

I just love the composition of the whole thing!

Her face is beautifully and softly done.

The spinning wheel is a neat touch. I'm a little confused about the little cup. Anyone have any ideas what that might have been used for?


  1. I've heard that the spinning of flax into linen thread requires frequent moistening of the fibres, so perhaps this is the purpose of the cup - to be filled with water.