Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Miracle Worker

Recently I ran across some reviews for a new version of The Miracle Worker playing on Broadway. The reviews aren't good, but the pictures look nice:

The play, which is about Helen Keller and Annie Sullivan, has always been a favourite of mine. Here is a real picture of them when they were older:

I watched the 1962 movie when I was in school and it made a lasting impression. When I got older I sought out biographies on these two remarkable women. While the play only focuses on a brief period in their lives, it is definitely interesting to watch the connection that is forged through so much difficulty. There are two movie versions, one from 1962 and one from 2000. There are some things I like about the 2000 version, but overall I prefer the 1962 version. The actresses actually wore padding to prevent bruising in some of the most violent scenes! If you haven't seen this classic, I definitely recommend that you do so! Even though many dispute the accuracy of this film (and rightly so), it is still an intriguing look into the past.

I couldn't find any screencaps from the 2000 version, but here is a picture of the cover:

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