Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Wallowing in nostalgia...or watching Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!

When I was little one of my favourite movies was Chitty Chitty Bang Bang! A children's musical about a magical car set in the early part of the 20th century, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang! remains one of the movies I have the fondest memories of. Although farby and notoriously cheesy, I still think it outshines similar movies like Mary Poppins. How could you not love a movie starring Dick Van Dyke as an absent-minded inventor father? Especially when his name is Caractacus Potts! :P

It was loosely based on the children's book by the same name written by Ian Fleming, creator of the James Bond series. The script was co-written by Roald Dahl! One thing I really like about the movie is that the children aren't brats. They're wild, boisterous, and dirty, but they aren't completely selfish, as so many children in real life and in movies are these days. Plus, they're super cute. :D

To quote my sister's facebook status:

"is watching Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Haven't watched this since I was a kid. The movies they make for kids now are laaaaaaame. You can't really beat all these adults trying to run the children over in the streets and making hateful death threats against the little tykes. Haven't even gotten to the kidnapping and child labor yet, good times."

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  1. This was one of my favourite movies as a kid too, I can still remember most of the lyrics. ;-)